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Snow Leopard


lapord polyart final

This is my first blog for Designee 25 . we were instructed to pick one picture that we would turn into a poly art. I always like a good challenge. I decided to pick a picture that was challenging as well as  reflected my personality .I want to make something that makes me stand out and a Snow Leopard is an animal that is not commonly found or seen in the wild. I also chose the snow leopard  knowing that black and white make a great color variation. This is how the polyart turned out at the end


 This is the original picture of the snow leopard.

 leapord face 1

 Here I have started to make the triangles on the snow leopards face. I wanted to start from the center of the photograph which is the face and then move on the the body of the leopard. The eye was hard to do because the more you zoom in to the picture the more color differentiation there is. At this point i was also trying to out line the nose and trying to make it pop out, so when it came time to color in the triangles I could look more real and create definition  on the Leopards face.

lapord face and neck 1

After finishing the uper part of the nose I then worked on the nostrils. The difficult part of this process was it was hard to differentiate between the inside of the nose and the out side of the nose. The nose was mostly really dark shades of gray or some what lighter shades of black.

lapord face and neck 2

I continued to progress and make triangles. The easiest part of the  leopard was its neck because of there was not much color differentiation.

lapord face and body tri

I then finished the triangels and moved on to filling in the triangles with the corresponding color.

lapord face and head red

Here I  have turned the the canvas in the back red so I can see the places where I missed the color. By doing that i can go in and fill them up so the picture looks flawless.

lapord polyart final

I decided to keep the Leopard on the original back ground because it just did turn out nice on the other ones I tried and the red line wouldn’t go away.

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